Insulators physically support and electrically isolate the high-voltage system from ground.
These are available in 2 types of material of construction
A. Porcelain
B. High Alumina (83 to 85% alumina)

The Porcelain (brown colour) Insulators are suitable for applications such as Cement Mill or Coal Mill ESPs where the operation and occasional surge temperatures do not cross 230 to 250 Deg. C.
The High Alumina (white colour) Insulators can withstand temperatures upto 400 Deg. C and is a technically recommended product for Boiler (coal or oil fired applications), Clinker Cooler and Kiln ESP applications.

FFT supplies all types of ESP Insulators like Conical and Cylindrical Support Insulators, Rapper Shaft Insulators, Wall through Bushings, Antisway Type, or even the Shackle type Insulator fitted on the rotating shaft of the Hammers.

The excellent strength and thermal resistivity of materials used to manufacture our insulators make them some of the most dependable in the world. And to ensure this, they are strength tested at levels far above those they will see in actual use. All our insulators meet or exceed original design specifications.
Insulators are critical to the performance of your precipitators.

We shall be happy to assist you with one-to-one replacement based on the Dimensional Drawing of the existing Insulators.
FFT also recommends use of Insulator Heaters to avoid damage to the Insulators, ensure a prolonged life and reliable performance.