Discharge Electrodes

We all know, the failure of Discharge Electrodes results intro shutdown. Shutting down fields can result in production limits or excessive emissions; removing a single failed wire or rigid electrode can be expensive and disruptive to your whole plant, and is dirty, hot, and dangerous work.
Thus, Electrodes are of great significance.

We offer Direct Replacements for all types of Discharge Electrode Design, including improved Upgrade Designs.
We are capable of manufacturing all types and designs of DE’s suit specific custom requirements. Our Experienced Technical Team shall evaluate your process and precipitator to determine the best Electrode design for you.
Samples from each order is Pull Tested to ensure Perfect Quality.

Common Discharge Electrode Shapes

Rigid Electrodes

FFT now supplies a “studded” electrode you can depend on ! Either as a rugged replacement for your current “spike and tube” design or as a conversion from weighted wires. Our Rigid Electrodes can be counted on for:

Excellent Corona Generation

The perpendicular stud design allows for a longer corona generation area than mass assembled from formed sheet metal. Stud length and spacing is variable to provide optimum voltage / current requirements as they vary from field to field, or from process to process.

Mechanical Stability and Dependability

Unlike formed sheet metal masts the Rigid Discharge Electrodes will not twist or sail as can occur with formed sheet metal masts. Sparks are confined to the tip of the stud with no damage to the main structural element. The pipe transmits rapping forces over its entire length with little loss of energy.


The RDE is easily installed in existing precipitator shells that use weighted wire or mast type electrodes without major changes in the structure or high voltage support assemblies. Formed sheet metal masts require special orientation of the support framing, the RDE can be oriented for either transverse or longitudinal support frames by changing the orientation of the end connecting system.

Cost Effectiveness

Unlike rigid frames, which are complex fabrications requiring four support points per field, the design of the RDE is achieved with fewer parts and no complicated framework or connections. One RDE replaces two weighted wires with no weight or special hooks necessary. Additionally, breakage due to burning and fatigue is eliminated for dramatically increased RDE life.

Discharge Electrode Performance Comparison
Current Density Vs Secondary Voltage

Our Experienced Technical Team shall evaluate your process and Precipitator to determine the best Electrode design for you.