Automatic Voltage Controller

Automatic Voltage Controller – Best Control Technology

Fine Filteration Technology’s (FFT’s) Automatic Voltage Controller is the outcome of years of experience of precipitator expertise and we offer the Best Control Technology.
Advances in microprocessors and computing have enabled us to develop the most sophisticated and powerful control. The best part of our Controller is that it is the easiest to operate. At the touch of a button, you can access the help menus and operating screens. All control functions can be viewed quickly by navigating through the backlit screens.

Maximum Precipitator performance is achieved using the following features :

Quick and Easy Installation :

FFT’s AVC keypad mounts on your existing control cabinet with the Quick Disconnect (QD) Panel inside. The controller is shielded with optical and transformer isolation. The displayed values are more accurate than some commercially available meters.

FFT’s AVC Is Designed to Meet All Your Needs :

More Power ?
We have the most advanced spark response algorithm. Fast Search Ramps and Automated Ramp Rate bring your precipitator back to full power as quickly as possible after quenching a spark. This enables your ESP to collect more dust.

Want Reduced Power Consumption ?
The on-board Energy Management system keeps opacity below a pre-set limit, using the least amount of power possible. Our customers have achieved a drastic decrease in precipitator power usage with unmatched energy savings a day.

Need Advanced Technology ?
FFT’s AVC enables you to take advantage of the Best Available Control Technology to keep you ahead of regulatory requirements. Remote Diagnostics, Back Corona detection and control, automatic waveform analysis, seamless DCS and data archive interfaces, sophisticated data acquisition and trending and a host of other features.

Global Control :

FFT’s AVC is designed for use around the world. It can accommodate different line frequencies and voltages. The Status and Alarm Screens display in English.
We are confident that you will find the Automatic Voltage Controller (AVC) the easiest to use, most versatile and most powerful control available. Each AVC control is built by hand, and is fully quality tested at each stage of assembly. Our parts and procedures meet the specifications for high reliability ground support equipment. Each unit is tested for 100 hours before being dispatched and all circuit boards are conformal coated with a high-grade resin sealant to protect them from dust, grit, and moisture. This control was built to survive in a harsh industrial environment.